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At Nadet Academy, we know that you have written a book that you would love to reach millions of readers we have designed a tool that helps you market and sell your ebooks.

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Before you submit your application, take a moment to read how our submission process works, quality guidelines (SECTION 7) and the type of content we are looking to publish as we can’t wait to see your ebook in the hands of millions


Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional educational and informational contents that keeps people informed and helps people to grow in life and in their business. Join other authors, let’s publish and market your e-book to millions of readers.

Submission process

In order for readers to buy and read the best possible content from the top experts, we ask everyone to carefully adhere to our quality guidelines and follow our submission process. Failure to do so result in an automatic rejection and your e-book will not be live on our bookstore.

  • Read Quality Guidelines

Please read our quality guidelines before submitting your e-book to ensure your work adheres to our requirements.

  • Submit Your e-book

Use the form below to submit your e-book. All the information you provide will be included in the e-book sales section

  • Selection

We will review every submission and respond to you within 5 business days. Also keep in mind, that we only accept content that meets our criteria.

  • Review

If your e-book meets all the requirements your e-book will be live on our bookstore.

  • Warning

We don’t allow end users to re-redistribute an ebook once they have bought it. Ebooks on Nadet Academy are single user licensed i.e. they are intended only for the use of one person who buys them. Doing so you will be breaching our agreement of one user per ebook and you will be liable to prosecution according to Digital Rights Management (DRM) Law.

  • Promotion

Once your e-book is live on our bookstore you will be provided with a URL via your email. While we promote your e-book through our various channels, we also encourage you to share your e-book purchase link with your audience.

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