How to Turn Your Instagram Followers to Customers

Creating and having a good Instagram business account that gives a good representation of your business gives you an added advantage to turning your Instagram followers to your customers. The struggle is real on building a brand from social media. It turns out that it isn’t as easy as everyone claims it is. You have over a million followers on Instagram and barely five percent are your clients or customers. I know just how you feel.
We want our customers to grow just as much as our followers are growing and you must not keep hoping but you have to take some steps and utilize the principles for this occur. In this article I will be sharing with you 5 tips to help you turn your Instagram followers into customers.

Let's Dive Right Into the 5 Steps

1. Create unique contents consistently

For every brand to grow online and offline it has to be unique and original. People get more intrigued about you when they come to your page and see contents and information they have never gotten before. You don’t have to do so much it just has to be original. There are different types of contents which include:

  • Inspirational contents which includes; Facts and Quotes.
  • Promotional contents which includes; Products or Services promotions.
  • Educational contents which includes; Tutorials, Frequently asked questions and Insights
  • Connection content which includes; Events (the ones you are attending as well) and Lifestyle choices.
  • Conversational contents which includes; Open ended questions and Polls.
  • Entertainment contents which includes; Jokes, Giveaways and Memes.

Contents come in these different forms and you can create as many as you want. But be sure to make it unique and original


  • Find an objective for the story you will be telling. You should take note of what you always want to tell people about in your contents.
  • Have a theme colours that define you that once your audience sees it they know it is you.
  • Organize your stories and be consistent in sharing and highlighting engaging stories.
  • Create content consistently which could be either once a week or twice a month. Just be sure you are consistent with the days.
  • Be authentic- share stories authentic to you
  • Share customer experiences
  • Use photos and videos to tell your story too
  • Don’t use contrasting colours in telling your story.
  • Use good lighting for your photos or video.
  • Write perfect captions to accompany the story you are telling.
  • Plan the story you are telling properly with statements like who, what, how and when

2. Set conversation in motion

Everyone likes attention and every very single soul on planet earth want to be acknowledged. It just depends on where the attention is coming from. Sometime ago a business that was into selling clothes chatted me up on the Instagram. At first I was sceptical about replying their message so I left it there, unread. Sometime later they reached out to me again wishing me a merry Christmas and then I was compelled to respond, and in less than two seconds they replied me. I was amazed because of the speed of the response. Any ways to cut the long story short, I don’t buy clothes from any other place aside from the clothe brand.
In essence, start up a conversation with your followers. Show them you are interested in them so they get interested in you and what you have to offer them. Make them notice you. They have taken the first step by following you, now you have to make sure the next step happens.

3. Tell your story

Storytelling is a good way to talk about your business and create a brand trust. It is easier for your followers to buy from you if they trust you. I believe in the power of storytelling. Stories have the power to create emotions we never knew were possible. Tell stories about your ups and downs, how your company started, what has kept you going etc. Engage your customers with your unique story. You can even tell stories about your customer service and reviews from your customers. Customer conversion can easily be gotten through telling your brand or company story.

4. Talk about your great customer service

You must have great customer service before you can talk about turning your followers to customers. Customers are attracted to brands that can treat them right because everyone wants to be treated right. Treat your existing customers’ right and then tell your intending customers about it.

5. Offer Promotion and Incentives

Offering an Instagram promotion and giving out incentives to your customers are good way to turn your followers into customers. Giving out products to customers at a discounted amount sometimes to appreciate them for the continuous patronage is also a good way to get followers interested into purchasing a product from you. Offering promotions and incentives to customers motivates followers to become customers.

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