How to Stay Relevant in Your Industry: 4 Proven Tools

Today we will give you a quick overview of how you can stay relevant in your industry, ranging from IT, Communications, Media, Technology, Health, and Entertainment. Etc. Of course this post is not limited to only large industries and cooperation’s but was also written to help start-ups and small businesses and business owners stay relevant.
It is often said that it is not enough to get to the top, but staying at the stop is as important as getting to the top. In other words staying at the top can be used to mean staying relevant. This is because it is only relevant individuals that are allowed to stay at the top.
This post is geared towards unveiling the 4 most common proven tools on how to stay relevant in your chosen industry. Alternatively, those in need of a slightly and more advanced explanation and a step-by-step practical guide will want to take a look at our online course for this subject.
Staying relevant distinguishes you from your colleagues. It positions you as an industry expert. Staying relevant in your industry entails you taking steps to be well acknowledged and recognized.
Mr Earl Shoaff once said to his mentee, Jim Rohn; If you want to be wealthy and happy then learn this lesson well; “Work harder on yourself than you do on your Job.” as simple as this sounds, it takes determination and self conscious efforts to stay relevant in your industry.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are or if you are an employee or a company owner, what matters is that for you to enjoy promotions, individually and as an organization, you have to stay relevant. In other to do that you must continue working on yourself.
You must note that working on yourself is a conscious effort that ensures financial and material security on the long run. Wealthy men spend fortune on ensuring they learn more because they understands that it is an important tool to stay relevant as the world is constantly changing and so are ideas.
George Adams once said “You are your greatest investment, The more you store in that mind of yours the more you enrich your experience, the more people you meet, the more books you read, and the more places you visit, the greater is that investment in all that you are. Everything that you add to your peace of mind, and to your outlook upon life, is added capital that no one but yourself can dissipate

Now the question of how do I stay relevant in my industry comes up. There are many ways but these are 4 proven tools you can utilize.

Let's Dive Right Into the 4 Steps

1. Upskill

Learning is a continual process that doesn’t cease even when you leave the university. Learn to consistently stay up-to-date, be consistent, and consider yourself a learner. For you to be relevant, you must learn to learn. Read a book every day. Start a new course, learn a new skill. Just make sure you are learning. Learners always stay relevant and at the top in their industry.

2. Network

Networking is a subject that some industry professionals have neglected. Building relevant relationships with industry peers gives you a broader perspective and other occurrences in your field. Interacting with colleagues both professionally and socially are sure ways to start and attending conferences and workshops are the fastest ways to build a network. You should learn to form relationships with thought leaders in your industry, continue to expand your reach, be visible, don’t be on a hideout.

3. Be around think alike industry peers

Stay with people who think like you. It mustn’t necessarily be that you both agree on everything but surround yourself with people who have the same goals and visions as you do. Stay far away from the ‘pullers’ the ones who pull you down.

4. Get a coach

Coaching has proven to be a very effective method of staying relevant. Get yourself someone who guides you and looks out for you. Get someone who monitors your every step of progress and only has your best interest at heart. Spend on books, seminars, conferences, coaches and mentors. These trivial things combined together will lead to your success story

Staying relevant in your industry is not all about how much you earn but how much of value you have or is willing to give that determines if you will be relevant. In the words of Jim Rohn: Formal education makes you a living; self education makes you a fortune.
Jim Rohn “It is not what you get that makes you valuable but what you become that makes you valuable.”
Staying relevant in your industry is a constant journey of continuous learning that is essential for the growth of our mind, body and soul.

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