6 Skills to Get Hired Fast by Employers

Seeking to be employed, you have to present yourself as the best-prepared candidate that a company could ever consider. Actively equipping yourself with a professional online training is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.
The workforce of the future will be filled with employees who are highly skilled, nothing will be able to replace the place of skill. The employment of the future, employers will seek to employ individuals who are competent and have skills. In most cases employees seeks employment only with the academic training they have received in college. But most employers value professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise.
To be an exceptional employee, efforts should be put into professional development. Employers want to employ individuals who are thought leaders in their filed, and professionals that have evolved with the changes that technological advancement has brought.
Being employable is the quality of being suitable for a paid work. Skills can be said to be the ability to do something well, and subscribing to upskill, is an investment in your long-term career.

Being able to get hired fast by employers can represent possessing employability skills

Possessing employability skills could be defined as being equipped with professional skills that help you thrive in any paid work and advance your career. These skills are highly recommended for getting hired fast as an employee seeking for employment and are ever-valued by employers and also essential for success in the workplace.
These skills could also be referred to or called “Soft skills” “Essential work skills” or “Valuable work skills”.
Some of these skills are what we are going to be looking at in this article

Let's Dive Right Into the skills

1. Great communication etiquette

Every employer wants to have an employee who is great at communicating with both colleagues and customers. Communication at work is the process of exchanging information and ideas both verbal and non-verbal between both colleagues and customers in an organisation.
Why is communication an employability skill?
Communication is very important in an organisation because it ensures that information is passed up and down the chain of the organisation. As an employee, your employer wants to be sure that he/she can trust your communication skills.
Want to be employable? Be great at communicating.

2. Problem Solving

Every employer wants to have an employee who can handle any situation at any time. They need to know that no matter how hard the situation is, you will address it, and not just addressing it but either assisting to provide solution or providing solution to the problem. Some key problem solving skills include:

  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Courage.

Why is problem solving an employability skill?
Being a problem solver is a very important employability skill, because it enables you exert control over problems at your place of work. This skill helps your employer to develop reliable trust in you.
Want to be employable? Be a problem solver.

3. Team Work

There is the general saying “that two heads are better than one” or better still “more heads are better than one”. Every employer knows they need more hands on deck to get more work done. You must be good at working with people. Have team spirit. Be approachable.
Why is Team work an employability skill?
There’s nothing like teamwork at every place of work and every employer knows this because teamwork produces better learning opportunities.. It produces positive energy at work. It creates more efficiency and productivity and who doesn’t like to get more work done?.
You want to get that job? Have team spirit.

4. Organisation

Who doesn’t like someone who is organized? Everyone does, including your prospective employer.
Why is organisation an employability skill?
Every employer loves an employee who is organized because organisation increases productivity. It helps in time management and ensures you meet deadlines.
Be intentional about been organised and you will be intentionally employed.

5. Technologically Inclined

The world is fast changing and so is the use of technology. According to research, More than 3.7 billion humans use the internet, and the global mobile data traffic is projected to increase nearly by sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. Technology has gradually taken over the world and this doesn’t exclude our workplaces.
Why is technology an employability skill?
Technology has made the world a better place by increasing the level of efficiency and productivity at work. Technology increases communication at work, reduces cost. The use of technology cannot be overly emphasized and employers take advantage of this new modern day technology.
Be technologically inclined. Be current about your the technologies that are relevant to your profession.

6. Open Mindedness

It is often said that “Change is constant” and there are no truer words. Employers want a person who is open to adapting to every changing situation.
Why must you be open-minded to be employable?
Times are changing and every employer wants an employee who can change with the tide. Be open to learn new things, new technologies, and new communication skills. Be open-minded and ready to adapt to every change you experience.
You want to be employable? Open your mind to every new possibility

Every skill can be learnt which includes employability skills. Employability skills are important especially in this times that there are limited jobs, master these skills and you will be surprised at how much employers will fight to have you in their organisation

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