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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Welcome to the new normal, it is online, it is digital. if you will win, you have to harness your skills digitally and we are here to make that happen. I know you want to be in demand, but are you equipped for the demand you wish to have? Take our professional courses today!

Learn Fashion and Design

The global fashion and apparel industry, which includes fabrics, clothing, footwear, and many other manufactured goods, is currently worth nearly $3 trillion. More and more people are getting into this field. All you need is premium skills to excel in it so what are you waiting for? Register to learn now!

Learn Product Photography

The power of an image is hard to ignore. Digital product photography is a huge aspect of online shopping. Online shopping is apparently growing more and more these days. And if you want to learn this as a professional or just for your small business, this is the course for you

Cook Like a Pro

Whether you wan to start an online food delivery service or a brick and mortar store to serve people sumptuous meals, you have to be thinking about excellence. This course entails not just cooking tips and skills, but professional kitchen etiquettes and coking hacks

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Be and stay on top in your industry with our top courses. We have courses ranging from the makeup industry, to skin care, to photography, to music, you name it and you find it.

Skill changes with season and with innovation and if you must stay relevant, you must have relevant skills

You can only find the way, from those who know the way and Nadet Academy knows the way and that’s why we have built this platform, just for you

On this platform, we have put together, industry experts from all fields with experience and excellence and they are here, to show you, teach you and guide you.

Not only do you learn, you get a Nadet Academy certification and that alone, makes all the difference.

Are you an industry expert? Do you have a skill you would absolutely love to share with your audience and a group of eager and paying students? Then this is the right platform for you

Earn as a student or earn more as an instructor. There’s so much to do and so many ways to earn. Join our affiliate program and start earning as your referrals register for any course.


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Eyeshadow application is one of the makeup techniques that takes time, practice and patience to master. Simply by taking a makeup course on Nadet Academy, I have gotten new tricks and trips that helped me master my make up skills

Adaeze Ezekwelu

Learning on Nadet Academy has helped me in acquiring new skills and unveiling new business opportunities. It has helped me explore new business ventures and find solutions to some business problems

Ukubeyinje Itse Mirabel

As a social media expert nadetacademy has provided me with analytics and insightful educational contents that has allowed me to be super-skilled

Juvelyn Sinambong

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Nadet Academy online courses are known for the high level of knowledge and expertise provided by our instructors. Our courses are conformed to the required benchmarks and our learning material has been thoroughly inspected by Nadet Academy instruction and design experts before putting it out for purchase to ensure expected standards are met.

As a learner, you would also be able to work as an instructor. All you have to do is click on ‘Become an Instructor’ and add more registration details to your account, and you are good to go.

Once a course is purchased, the payment you made for that particular course cannot be used for another course. Before making payments for a particular course, view the content details which allows you have knowledge of what the course entails and the learning objectives. this gives you detailed information about the course before making purchase.

Certificate fees are added to the courses. So purchasing our online courses qualifies you for a certificate. Once you have purchased our online course and completed the courses, you are qualified for a certificate of completion showing you started, completed and that you possess a certain knowledge on the area of training.

Yes, you will be able to ask your instructor questions. There is  a Q&A sesion available to you within the courses. Just drop your questions and the instructor will see and respond to your questions.

Some users have trouble streaming or issues viewing lecture recordings. This may be a simple issue with your web browser. If you are still having issues, this may be down to firewall blocking you. Try downloadin the newer version of your browser. This should help to resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems, please send an email to support@nadetacademy.com and our support staff will reach out to you.


We have created this learning platform to serve various purposes


We are creating a generation of inspired and intelligent people who will shake society with their skills and with their brains


We believe that knowledge is wealth. As an instructor, earning from your knowledge and skill is our priority


This platform gives all experts and instructors room to share what they love to do with other people and to get paid doing so.

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